How to Compare Paintless Dent Repair Shops

Entrusting your hail damage repair to a paintless dent remover is frequently your best option. Do you know how to compare paintless dent repair shops to find the one that is right for your needs? Here is what you need to know.

Does the Shop Offer Appointments?

Plenty of mechanics will tell you to bring the car in, but few offer appointments. An appointment ensures that you talk with a specialist right then and there. This expert answers your questions, explains the process, and inspects the damage. There is no need to wait for callbacks from a mechanic who may – or may not – get around to looking at the vehicle before the shop closes.

Is the Repair Time Acceptable?

You do not want to wait a week for the commercial fleet repair bartow fl to be completed. A good-quality shop with adequate staffing should be able to repair a vehicle in about three days. Usually, the process is a lot quicker than that.

Has the Shop Been in Business for a While?

Everyone starts somewhere. However, you do not want to be one of the first customers of a newcomer to the business. Look for a shop that has been around for at least a decade. This is an adequate time frame to learn the best practices and work with a broad range of vehicles. Moreover, a company that has been in the trade for ten years will have a working knowledge of insurance rules, which comes in handy when this is your first need for paintless dent repair.

Is the Shop Truly Committed to Paintless Dent Repair?

Some mechanics use the term interchangeably with the other repair method. This one calls for drilled holes and bonds. Verify that the shop specializes in a paintless method. Of course, when you work with VIP Hail Service, you know that this is the professionals’ specialty.

Dents are one of the most common reasons cars need to be sent to the repair shop. Dents are annoying; they are little mini-accidents that could have easily been avoided and which totally ruin the look of your car. Here are a few tips to avoid getting your car dented.

Park Slowly

Be careful in the parking lot. Get to meetings early to avoid being in a rush when parking. This way, you’ll avoid hitting other cars and barriers. It’s important to drive slowly in parking lots anyways to avoid hitting passing cars and pedestrians.

Park Smartly

Similarly, choose where you park carefully. Park in the middle of the parking space so that other car owners don’t dent your car when they open their doors. Park near minivans with sliding doors or motorcycles whenever possible if you have an expensive car (no way to dent your car with those!), or park further away at the empty side of the parking lot and get some exercise. In addition, learn how to parallel park so that you don’t get hit by other car doors anymore (just do it slowly and carefully).

Open Your Door Slowly

Not only will your car get dented by other car doors, but your own car doors will get dented if you open them too quickly. When opening your car doors, look out so that you don’t hit any other cars, a pole or a barrier. Teach your kids and passengers to do the same.

Your Car Is Not a Shelf

Stop putting things on the top of your car, whether that be your purse, your cup of coffee, your house keys or whatever. They can fall off and dent your car, especially if you are in a rush and start driving while they are still there. If your car does get dented, paintless dent repair is a cost-effective and quick way to have it fixed.


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