Tips to master in UTV sand riding

No UTV lover can resist themselves to enjoy quad riding to the dunes. Sand is one of the most fun and enjoyable surfaces for UTV, and it is also the safest location to ride your two by two. Still, if you need to enjoy this thrilling and unique off-road adventure, is making familiar you with few rules of the dunes to make your dune adventure more safe, fun, and even saner.

Prepare yourself for fun:

  • Avoid breaking down the trail:

Breaking down the path and make everybody waiting for you is not appreciated at all. Up to date with your tools, supplies, repair kit, and spares to for trailside fixes and always go over your OHV before every ride. Keep a tire repair kit, spare spark plugs, zip ties, a tow rope, and a useful tool pack with you to resolve some unexpected UTV faults during the ride. Although it looks fascinating, but avoid riding on dunes next to streams, lakes, and rivers.

  • Buddy rule:

It is so practical and convenient to buddy up with two or three riders while dunning. The solo ride can become so vulnerable in case of some accident or breakdown. When you are out on the sand, it is easy to get turned around. Always decide a meeting spot for in case you get separated from your friends. Never forget to make sure the last rider in the lineup is still with the group.

  • Sand conditions:

Midday ‘’white out’’ and heat haze can distort the sand. The middle of the day with bright sunlight is considered as the worst time to ride in the dunes. To reduce midday glare, it is advised to use yellow or orange-tinted goggle lenses. Another dune hazard is called ‘’Razorbacks,’’ and it appears when blowing wind spreads sand in multiple directions, and as a resultant, a ridge with knife-edge appears on the top. When you reach on the top of dune crest, it drops off. If you want to try this stunt than try this on the driver side to get a better view over the edge

  • Practice responsible dunning:

Keep certain sand conditions in your mind and keep a constant eye on shifting sand. Sand changes its part, and steady wind creates sudden dips and depressions that can be difficult to spot unless the rider is carefully watching the dunes. Wind also creates slip faces and steep inclines that can increase the chances of tumble down, and it is necessary to approach them with caution. Keep momentum high to approach a hill, and to get up on it, never maximize the momentum too high that you just fly over the other side of the dune. Never do sidehilling unless you have a proper understanding of balance and throttle control.

Ride safely and have fun: ensures that UTV sand riding is so much fun, but enjoy it incredibly with taking things slow initially and then make your way up to the bigger dunes. Right tools and proper knowledge can boost the fun and excitement of UTV sand riding.

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