Why You Need to Fix Your Cracked or Chipped Windshield

Driving with a cracked windshield can be dangerous but people will go months and even years without fixing it. Fortunately, while a windshield may shatter it isn’t likely to collapse completely due to the polyurethane adhesives that hold it together as well as the lamination that is used. Even if it won’t collapse in, there are other reasons to consider windshield replacement cincinnati oh.

It is never a good idea to drive around with a cracked windshield. Even driving for a short period of time can be dangerous to you and your passengers and not just because of obstructed vision. As soon as your windshield is damaged you should seek out the services of a professional to get it repaired as quickly as possible.

Before panicking, it’s important to know that not all windshield damage requires a complete replacement. This is usually determined by the type of damage and where it is on the windshield. Chips can be repaired properly by a professional using specialized adhesive made from epoxy or acrylic. Unfortunately, many insurance companies will only cover certain types of chips in their policies.

While the chip may not seem like a big problem, it can quickly become worse if moisture gets into it and reaches the laminate layer. It can cause the area to become foggy and eventually spread. In some cases, water can freeze inside the chip and cause the windshield to crack.

If a crack obstructs the field of vision of the driver, there’s a good chance that the windshield will need to be completely replaced. In some cases, cracks that are under 14″ and non-obstructive can be repaired but this is something that needs to be determined by a specialist. No matter what the damage is, it should always be repaired as quickly as possible to prevent it from becoming worse.

It doesn’t take long for a windshield to get worse, it’s essentially just a sandwich made of glass and plastic. When moisture gets inside the effects can be immediate and weaken the whole windshield. Extremes in temperature can cause the glass to expand and contract. This extra pressure is not good for the damaged areas. While most people consider the effects of cold, similar problems can happen in heat as well. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause the temperature in the windshield to rise quickly and cause an expansion of the crack.

Road hazards are a problem with damaged windshields. Unfortunately, potholes and bumps are almost impossible to avoid on some roads. This stress and trauma can cause the problem to spread as well. Bad roads cause millions in damages every year to car owners and the problem probably won’t get any better soon.

Just as water can enter the damage to your windshield, so can dirt. Unlike water, there is almost no way to get the dirt particles out of the crack or chip. Once your windshield is damaged, placing clear packing tape over the area until you get it fixed can keep the dirt out without causing visual obstruction.

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