Jaguar Wedding Cars

The Jaguar is an automobile that has been in demand for several years. Its sleek appearance, style, and British engineering create it to be well-liked. The Jaguar conjointly makes for a great wedding car, and their unit has a variety of choices for those of you considering wedding car hire Birmingham for your big day.

Jaguar XJL

The Jaguar automobile may be a great luxury automobile that will look excellent in any wedding location. Whether or not it’s the bridal automobile on its own, or the second automobile to the superb matching Jaguar bridal automobileit’ll not fail to impress. Imagine the groom and groomsman, or the Bridesmaids incoming within the Jaguar, gorgeous black with a light cream colored interior, followed by the bride within the wondrous black Jaguar XJL.

The bride has all the comfort she may probably expect from a modern vehicle, together with rear heated or air-cooled seats, rear traveler temperature management, privacy blinds, sunroof, twin mirrors, air suspension, and of course, the XJL offers immeasurable space for that wedding dress!

Jaguar MK5

Combined with animal skin seating and audacious curves, watch heads flip because the grace, and pace of your Jaguar Wedding Cars create a very spectacular arrival on your big day. Settle into the refined magnificence of the Jaguar MK5 Sedan (available in Black or Two-tone Ivory/Black) or the sleek lines and spacious interior of the Jaguar MK7 Sedan (available in Black or Two-tone Ivory/Black).

Seating up to four passengers in every sedan, our classic Jaguar wedding cars deliver a shocking component of vintage glamour for any couple and their bridal party.

Depending on necessities for your big day, Jaguar Sedans can look nice paired up with a matching Convertible or one in every of our larger Classic Limousines.

The distinctive styling of the Jaguar Mk5 has created it number one in every of most well-liked wedding cars. The gorgeous art movement curvature lines, and full rear wheel spats (covers) are typical of the 1930 – and the 40s. They provide the Jaguar a vintage look.


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