Three Factors to Consider When Shipping Cars

The current digital age has provided the 21st century consumer with a plethora of shipping opportunities. 50 years ago, having your dream car listed for sale on the other side of the country seemed like a purchase for the wealthy. Not only did you have to purchase the actual car, but it seemed like you had to know a guy to get the darn thing shipped to you. Hopefully that guy was a close buddy because there weren’t many forums you could check to ensure he wasn’t inflating the shipping price. Luckily, those dark days are behind us and car shipping rates are at an all-time low. Before you hop online to get that dream car shipped to you, there are a few factors you should consider as a savvy consumer.

1. Distance

Let’s start with the most obvious factor, distance. There isn’t any rocket science involved with this one. The farther the vehicle is, the more it will cost to get to its final destination. If you’re based in upstate New York, shipping your new ride from California may be a bit pricey compared to retrieving it from Maine. The price increase is mainly attributed to the added gas cost and extended man hours. If a consumer spots a black and red Corvette out in San Diego, but there’s an all-black one in Augusta, compromising for the savings might be in your best interest.

2. The Make and Model

Similar to the distance topic, the type of vehicle being shipped can be a massive variable as well. Commercial trucks used for shipping can run out of real estate quick. This becomes an even bigger problem when dealing with larger SUV’s and pick-up trucks. Typically, the larger the load, the higher the shipping cost involved.
Factoring in the quality of your vehicle is more of a personal decision on the other hand. That being said, it is a personal decision that should be thoroughly considered. Let’s put it this way. A 2018 Tesla Model X might require a little more tender love and care than a 1999 Ford Focus. When transporting vehicles of a higher caliber, it may be in the buyer’s best interest to use an enclosed transport compared to an open transport. Enclosed shipment does cost a bit more but the peace of mind of not having bugs all over your windshield may be worth it if you are receiving a Bentley.

3. How Soon Do You Want It?

The anticipation of waiting for a new toy can easily be too much for some. When talking about bigger toys such as full sized vehicles, the processing times alone can be strenuous. During the holidays, cars taking over a month to deliver is fairly common. Fortunately, there is a way for your precious cargo to seem more attractive to shipping companies. Just pay extra! Upgrading your delivery option will very often get you to the front of the line. Happy car shipping!

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