GPS for trucks: what parameters to control with fleet management

The biggest asset of the transport and logistics companies are their mobile resources. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain precise control over your activity, for example with the help of advanced GPS tracking tools for trucks. The objective is to improve safety, optimize the management of a complete fleet, save operating costs, increase the useful life of vehicles and even avoid possible infractions of current regulations.

At present, it is possible to obtain information about the activity of vehicles and drivers, through the data provided by the digital tachograph and the CAN BUS. It is information that the administration controls frequently and that can give rise to important sanctions for companies for breaches of driving times and breaks.

For this reason, it is important to have a tool to obtain that information remotely and in real time, without having to physically access the vehicle. That can be the difference between being able to act or not before an infringement occurs, so that violations that can generate administrative sanctions can be avoided.

A significant percentage of transport companies leave this preventive and control task in the hands of a fleet management tool. But what can be controlled exactly?

Parameter control

From a GPS vehicle management platform you can control the data collected by the digital tachograph and the CAN BUS, in addition to the information associated with other sensors that may be in the vehicles, such as door opening control, of temperature through a thermograph, alerts by impacts, etc. You can read Expnet truck GPS reviews here before purchasing this device.

The number of parameters available is very wide, depending on the model of the truck and the year of its manufacture, but we will highlight eight of the most important can be managed in real time with the help of a fleet management tool by GPS:

  • Driver identification.
  • Driving times.
  • Fuel consumption and fuel tank levels.
  • Vehicle speed
  • Revolutions per minute.
  • Engine temperature
  • Battery voltage.
  • Use of the brake pedal and throttle position.

Benefits of GPS technology for trucks

In addition to an improvement in the control of the fleet, the geo location tools provide a series of advantages that make their use essential for those companies that intend to improve their results:

  • Promotion of efficient driving. By recording the data of each driver, a driving style that is respectful of the environment is fostered, which translates into a decrease in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Route optimization. These devices allow to know the historical data about the routes of each driver of the company in order to optimize them, which means a saving in both costs and planning time, which at the same time implies a better customer service.
  • Planning at a glance. Both devices help to plan quickly the distribution of tasks in the company, such as the hours available for each driver.
  • Remote and automated download. The tools allow the possibility of downloading, from any place and at any time, information related to the vehicle. You can also schedule the download and automatic sending of this data periodically: for example, every Monday or the first day of the month. In addition, it is possible to download specific periods of time, lower than those predetermined by the tachograph, so that at a given time it is not necessary to provide more information than strictly requested by the administration.

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