How to Find Used Semi-Trucks and Avoid Scam

Buying a used big rig represents a significant investment. As big rigs are primarily used to ferry large shipments, the acquisition of one is always related to business. So purchasing a used one entails using said rig to make more money. It is certainly not to lose more money on costly repairs or complete failure. This is why one needs to be smart when considering a used semi-truck purchase.

Most people vouch for dealerships over independent sellers. The perks of using a dealership include convenience, reliability, and even warranty. As semi-trucks are a not a mainstream purchase, finding the type your looking for might be impossible. Freightliner trucks for sale may be a hard find at a used lot, but a successful find through an independent source. This is why private sales are popular, because they offer the chance at specific finds. In any case, there are a few things every consumer should do when considering a big rig purchase.

Check for Defects

Cosmetics are important in a purchase. Many of them have no bearing on reliability, but some are defiantly warning signs. Checking the prospective rig is a very smart thing to do. One should look at the wheels, the finish, and the engine itself. Cracked wheels are a sign-up neglect, they also require repair which can be costly. Examining the vehicle for rust is also imperative. Rust can affect the semi’s structural integrity, effecting its ability to carry things.

Check the Background

Every truck should come with its own set of documents. A vehicle history report and title being at the top of the pile. It is also a good idea to find out why the truck is being sold. Private sellers have the ability to hold things back. They can refrain from providing information. One could purchase a rig only to discover it had been stolen or worse, Checking the papers matches the vehicle to the ad selling it, it also provides background information on the health of the car. Auto dealers will always have such information on hand. Private individuals are not required to disclose any information.

Use a Dealer

If you can use an actual dealer to purchase your rig. The pitfalls of purchasing a privately-owned truck are too many. Dealers are safer, more reliable, and not as much of a hassle. They draw up their own paperwork. fully maintain the vehicle and can even offer financing options. The advantages they provide outweighs what an individual seller can accomplish.

Dealerships can also provide limited time warranties. This protects the consumer from costly repairs by fully covering those repairs. Like any warranty the perks will not last, but a private owner lacks the ability to provide a warranty. Dealers also provide the safety of reimbursement. Should a purchase go wrong swift and immediate reimbursement can take place. Either the dealer will give you your money back, or they will provide you with another rig at no additional cost.

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